Weather observation in the morning

  • Large Cumulus in northeast.
  • Not too lumpy cumulus in the South. But dark and a little lower.
  • Low patches of cumulus
  • Windy

I failed to predict that it will rain. Even accuweather only listed a 30% chance to rain. And it did preventing me from conducting a field work. I am a novice weather observer. I shouldn’t expect a lot from myself right now.

After the rain, I went straight outdoors. I was still hesitant whether to go to the pond or not. But I decided I’ll go. I arrived at the pond around 5:40 and it was already growing dark. I couldn’t harvest enough with my eyes. But I decided to stay longer and see if I can harvest something with my other senses.

Weather conditions after the rain at the pond

  • Scattered cumulunimbus low-medium altitude

Water was flowing from dam obviously caused by the storm rain and the rain this afternoon. I tried to find a way to walk at the right side of the pond but the poor visibility and the discouraged me to continue. If the weather is better later, I’ll probably go back to continue my exploration of the pond after rain.

Perhaps, the most important feedback I got from my short trip there is this: I want to learn about the starts. I want to experience staying outdoors by myself camping and facing the solitude of the wilderness head on. I want to learn how to survive on my own in the middle of a forest. I also realized how much I need to heighten my mindfulness, how my mind and body resists being where I am. The feeling was not good but it was informative.