• Small dark bird
  • Herons
  • Seagull like medium-sized bird
  • Sparrows in a flock (do they fly fast in flock?)

Wind from Northeast

Stratus with drizzles

After the storm, sky is still covered with stratus but no longer dark. Some patches of clear sky visible.

There are some strips of cumulus in the horizon and in the lower parts of the sky. They are not so dark and there are no signs that they are pouring rain.

The cordillera has a few strips of clouds covering its tip.

There adds something in my list of unspokeable knowledge. The sound of birdsongs. You can try to describe them but you will utimately fail. You need to experience them to understand them.

How is the work I am doing outdoors connected with the bigger work that I am trying to do? Reading. Studying philo. Etc.

I saw it again. Possibly the kingfisher. It’s usually alone. Loves water. It stayed perched on a stick at the middle of the field for about 5 mins. Wasnt bothered by the kuliglig. But it sensed my approaching and flew faraway.

What I do like about this trail is it is relatively far from karaoke singing.

In the morning I do my reflection, processing of notes and systematic studies. In the afternoon, I go outdoors to practice for everything I need to practice: poetry, nature observations, etc.

Even after evening, the layout of the clouds haven’t change that much. The cumulus have only been pronounced.

I always see these birds in the evening. They sqwak like crows. They are the same birds fishing at CIS. What are they? What is their birdsong?

The number marks on the cement on the side of the road can easily be the number of trees and plants and shrubs massacred for this road to be constructed.

I never thought in my entire life to see rice on a fishball paper plate.

Vandalism has started.

Took two videos:

  • The dance of the rice seedlings carpet.
  • The dance of birds.