The large bird I saw the other day jumping on bamboo branches sounded like the same bird who made the sound that frightened my cousins in our trip to Sual a few years back. I heard them again when I passed by Sitio Daligan. I think there are a lot of them in that area. I haven’t heard them in our house’s surroundings in quite a while. I wonder if they are Bato-bato. I’ll search for a YouTube video or something that will teach how to identify Philippine birds by their sound.

The maya is the most dominant bird in Sta. Maria in terms of just their number. They are the most common bird around. I wonder if this is true in the entire lowland Philippines. They do seem to disappear in Baguio where crows are to be seen a lot. I wonder what the most common bird is in Baguio.

Swarm of bats flew so near me and my face. Their batness lies in the platonic realm.