Optimal mental, physical, and social health.

Mind-Body Health

To engage in projects and practices that make me feel presence through a deeply rooted sense of inner peace and deep immersion with my subjective experiences.

To feel mentally alive.

To feel physically alive.

  • I feel deep inner peace every single day, from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep.

  • I have a daily meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practice that makes me grounded to who I really am.

  • I reside in the present moment. On days when things are not ideal, I am able to return easily to this inner home of peace.

  • I feel connected, every day, to nature and other human beings, and I am inspired to act in a way that reflects that oneness.

  • I am more attuned to my intuition and inner mystic and I am able to maneuver my life more easily based on my beliefs.

  • I have the healthiest brain and mind I could ever have.

  • I am living in a place that nurtures my mind.

  • I am completely free from prescription and psychotropic drugs.

  • I am free from depression.

  • I have more positive energy every day.

  • I feel vibrant and energetic every single day.

  • I have the best body I could ever have.

  • I am living in a place that nurtures my body.

  • I engage with physical activity every single day, which balances my intellectual work.

  • I live an active lifestyle.

  • I get enough sleep every single day.

  • I eat clean, natural, and nutritious food - most I grow myself, others I source from other organic food producers.

  • I have replaced all my bad habits with good habits.

Social Health

To feel intimately connected to and supported by a few genuine and important individuals in my life. In reciprocity, my purpose is also to feel supportive to these individuals and to be more compassionate and accepting of who they are.

  • I am kind, friendly, and peace-loving. I easily connect and empathize with people from all walks of life.

  • I am surrounded every day by like-minded people I love and can rely on.

  • I am loved by an emotionally mature, intelligent, and attractive woman. Our relationship is thriving. We approach misunderstandings maturely and peacefully. I talk to her in a peaceful, nonviolent way, and I’m able to express my feelings in a way that she hears me. She is able to do the same to me. Both of us feel safe and inspired in the relationship. We remain close while at the same time preserving each other’s need for personal time and space. We grow together and we support each other.

  • I have a close, satisfying, and loving relationship with mama, papa, my siblings, and a few of my relatives. While we have a lot of differences, I am able to talk and listen to them in a nonviolent way that reassures them of my love to them. I spend enough quality time with them every month and take care of them whenever they need me.

  • I am surrounded by healthy friends who are very warm and supportive. They inspire me to be the best version of myself. In these relationships, I am able to fully express myself - my innermost doubts and desires. When I have a problem, I know I can always approach these people and when they are troubled, they always approach me.

  • I am actively involved in several communities that nurture my deepest passions and interests. I get and give support in these communities where I bond with like-minded people in achieving our vision.

  • I have good relationships with my neighbors and I try to be the kindest, most compassionate, and most empathetic person I can be whenever I am around complete strangers. I have developed genuine love to everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they do to me.

  • I have embraced imperfections in my life. I have worked on myself to develop healthier and more realistic expectations in my relationships.


Efficient economic existence that increases my freedom to pursue a meaningful existence.

3 principles

  1. Reduce waste and increase efficiency.

  2. Reduce expenses.

  3. Find something meaningful to do.

Economic Consciousness

To understand clearly my reasons for behaving in certain ways in the economic sphere.

  • I need less and I am easily contented.

Bread Labor

To generate enough money from multiple income streams and other material needs to sustain my life in a way that respects and optimizes my health and freedom.

  • I work less for sustenance so I have a lot of time to engage in projects that bring joy and excitement.

  • I am engaged with a livelihood that inspires me to be creative and contributive.

Resource Management

To manage the flow of income and material resources in my life with the goals of:

  1. Making me resilient in the face of catastrophe

  2. Making me less dependent on the market economy, and therefore free from the anxiety that comes with it.

This will then make it possible for me to create and play without the intention of making money or serving another person’s interests.

  • I have managed my economic activities so I have enough time to enjoy flow time.

Skills Expansion

To build skills that:

  1. Lessen my dependence on money

  2. Expands my chance to generate income in other areas

  • I have developed important life skills and vocations that makes me less dependent to the market economy, more resilient, and more useful in my community.


Could be differentiated between “Mission” (for others) or “Passion” (for the self)

Pursue a personally meaningful existence and savoring every little bit of it.


To feel presence, flow, joy, and creative expression through engagement with learning, art, healing, teaching, adventure, volunteering, and other creative projects that are free of any monetary significance.

  • I continue to update my personal blog, vinceimbat.com, which houses my personal quest, mission, and creative projects. A few significant people follow me and I am able to inspire them through the work that I do.

  • I am contributing to the creation of a better world.

  • I am living a lifestyle that embodies my beliefs and visions of a better world.

  • I am documenting my lifestyle through writing, photography, and other arts.

  • I am sharing my documented lifestyle through writing to inspire and teach others how to live their lives.

  • I make a difference in the lives of a few individuals by mentoring them one-on-one.

  • I am helping people hands-on through voluntary and purpose-drive work by myself and with my comrades who all are one in the journey to a more beautiful world.

  • I am speaking in small circles to teach people how they can contribute to the movement through their own strengths and abilities.

  • I conduct nature retreats and educational travels.

  • I don’t stop learning. I read books almost every day and study different subjects that pick my interest - from big subjects to practical skills.

  • I am living a very creative life.

  • Every day, I experience flow - the feeling of captivating presence that’s a result of engaging into learning, art, and creative expression.

  • I go to sleep every day feeling that my life is amazingly colorful - happiness to the brim!

  • Every day, I allow myself to play and be absorbed with games or things that remind me of my childhood.

  • Every day, especially during the afternoons, I go outdoors and wander to just be with nature. I engage with little every day adventures.

  • Every week, go to simple escapades that allow me to see different places, experience new things, and sometimes get out of my comfort zone.

  • Every month, I go to at least one major travel project where I combine travel with other passions and advocacies.