The components of my ideal day are:

  1. Mindfulness (meditation, yoga, writing to flow, poetry, nature)
  2. Scholarship (reading + writing + thinking)
  3. Bread labor (gardening, cooking, cleaning, carpentry)
  4. Community (connecting with people one-on-one, connecting with small groups)
  5. Artistic Expression






Presence Inner Peace Communion Integrity


To engage in projects and practices that make me feel presence through a deeply rooted sense of inner peace, connection with my True Self, and integrity, that I am being the beautiful person that I really am.


  • I feel deep inner peace every single day, from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep.
  • I have a daily meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practice that makes me grounded to who I really am.
  • I reside in the present moment. On days when things are not ideal, I am able to return easily to this inner home of peace.
  • I have a deep experiential understanding of reality and I possess a sustainable desire to do my best and align my lifestyle to nonviolence and nondualism.
  • I feel connected, every day, to nature and other human beings, and I am inspired to act in a way that reflects that oneness.
  • I am more attuned to my intuition and inner mystic and I am able to maneuver my life more easily based on my beliefs.
  • I have a spiritual community which supports my growth and with which I impart my knowledge, presence, and love.
  • My desire to be more aware, more conscious, more knowledgeable about reality is insatiable and I enjoy my regular studies.



To feel physically and mentally alive.

  • I feel vibrant and energetic every single day.
  • I have the best body, mind, and spirit I have ever had.
  • I am living in a place that nurtures my mind, body, and spirit.
  • I engage with physical activity every single day, which balances my intellectual work.
  • I live an active lifestyle.
  • I get enough sleep every single day.
  • I eat clean, natural, and nutritious food - most I grow myself, others I source from other organic food producers.
  • I have replaced all my bad habits with good habits.
  • I am completely free from prescription and psychotropic drugs.
  • I am free from depression.
  • I have more positive energy every day.



To feel intimately connected to and supported by a few genuine and important individuals in my life. To feel supportive to these individuals and to be more compassionate and accepting of who they truly are.

  • I am surrounded every day by like-minded people I love and can rely on.
  • I have a happy and thriving relationship with my partner. We enjoy each other’s company most days. I accept her for who she is and help her bring out the best in her. We approach misunderstandings maturely. I talk to her in a peaceful, nonviolent way, and I’m able to express my feelings in a way that she hears me. She is able to do the same to me.
  • I have a close, satisfying, and mutually beneficial relationship with mama, papa, my siblings, and a few of my relatives. While we have a lot of differences, I am able to talk and listen to them in a nonviolent way that reassures them of my love to them. I spend enough quality time with them every month and take care of them whenever they need me.
  • I have a few genuine friendships that I nurture every month. In this relationships, I am able to fully express myself - my innermost doubts and desires. When I have a problem, I know I can always approach these people and when they have theirs, they know they can always approach me.
  • I am actively involved in several communities that nurture my deepest passions and interests. I get and give support in these communities where I bond with like-minded people in achieving our vision.
  • I have good relationships with my neighbors and I try to be the kindest, most compassionate, and most empathetic person I can be whenever I am around complete strangers. I have developed genuine love to everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from, and what they do to me.




To feel presence, flow, and child-like joy through engagement with play, adventure, and idleness.

  • Every day, I allow myself to play and be absorbed with games or things that remind me of my childhood.
  • Every day, especially during the afternoons, I go outdoors and wander to just be with nature. I engage with little every day adventures.
  • Every week, go to simple escapades that allow me to see different places, experience new things, and sometimes get out of my comfort zone.
  • Every month, I go to at least one major travel project where I combine travel with other passions and advocacies.



Creative Expression

To feel presence, flow, and deep joy through engagement with learning, art, and creative expression.

  • I am living a very creative life.
  • Every day, I experience flow - the feeling of captivating presence that’s a result of engaging into learning, art, and creative expression.
  • I have managed my economic activities so I have enough time to enjoy flow time.
  • I don’t stop from learning. I read books almost every day and study different subjects that pick my interest - from big subjects to practical skills.
  • I continue to update my personal blog,, which houses my personal quest, mission, and creative projects. A few significant people follow me and I am able to inspire them through the work that I do.
  • I go to sleep every day feeling that my life is amazingly colorful - happiness to the brim!

Life Work




To contribute to the advancement of peace, inter-being, and a holistic way of life by selflessly and compassionately offering my “gifts” in the spirit of the gift.

  • I am contributing to the creation of a better world.
  • I am living a lifestyle that embodies my beliefs and visions of a better world.
  • I am documenting my lifestyle through writing, photography, and other arts.
  • I am sharing my documented lifestyle through writing to inspire and teach others how to live their lives.
  • I make a difference in the lives of a few individuals by mentoring them one-on-one.
  • I am helping people hands-on through voluntary and purpose-drive work by myself and with my comrades who all are one in the journey to a more beautiful world.
  • I am speaking in small circles to teach people how they can contribute to the movement through their own strengths and abilities.
  • I conduct nature retreats and educational travels.




To live a life free from the anxiety brought by a tight connection with the market economy and to live a life more connected with Nature and with all beautiful things that are free of any monetary significance.

  • I have fully understood how I am connected with everything and how I affect my interdependent self through my choice of lifestyle.
  • I have transitioned into a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle.
  • I am living in a homestead near a forest embedded in nature and in community. It is a small piece of land where there is enough space for peace and freedom.
  • I grow my own food and most of the food I eat are grown by myself. Some of the food I eat come from my local community or other organic farmers nearby.
  • I have developed important life skills and vocations that makes me less dependent to the market economy, more resilient, and more useful in my community.
  • I work less for sustenance so I have a lot of time to engage in projects that bring joy and excitement.
  • I am engaged with a livelihood that inspires me to be creative and contributive.
  • I need less and I am easily contented.
  • Most of my economic activity are conducted in the local economy.
  • As much as possible, I provide my “gifts” in the spirit of the gift.
  • I have accumulated enough (and a little more) investment money that allows me to retire earlier than most people.
  • I was able to build this wealth through a flexible and satisfying paid job that I was able to keep alongside other businesses and passion projects that brought some additional income.
  • I have learned and implemented valuable lessons that have helped me achieve financial intelligence and independence.