Vince Imbat

We pursue values or ends based on priority

Jan 4, 2023

According to praxeology, there is a single list of values and we arrange this list of Value or ends based on priority. If ends are mental states, then we could also arrange our mental states in a hierarchy.

There could be one ultimate end or mental state, which is generated through other ends or mental states. All these subordinate ends could be incorporated into big projects with small individual units of actions. These projects and individual actions need to be prioritized at any given time because they compet for capitals. These capitals are:

  1. Time
  2. Energy
  3. Material resources (including money)

Logically, smaller action units that bring about a desired mental state is very cost-efficient in praxeological and economic terms because they require very little capital but their returns are big.

This is why, if we want to begin our journey toward Ginhawa, we must ground ourselves in these tiny investments becayse they put use in the position of Ginhawa alread while cultivating it more.

Ask yourself: what is the tiniest Action I can take that will make me feel good? Do that and do more of that until you are ready to take on bigger projects.