Experiencing the world as it is means seeing it beyond bias. It might be totally impossible to see the world as it really exists but we could try. We need to try because our thinking and judgment become sharper if we describe what is there and not what we want to be there.

There are two tools we can use for this goal:

  1. Reason
  2. Perception

In reason, we try to be objective as much as possible, not believing everything we are unsure of, waiting for enough evidence to present themselves.

In perception, we use it to practice mindfulness. MIndfulness is experiencing the world through perceptions, noticing one’s biases.

Why is it important to see things as they are?

There is no other way to act than to act according to how we see thingsl. One can only act upon what no eye can see. Therefore, how we see the world is important to cultivating an inormed way of existinng and acting in it.

When we act based on unexamined biases and concepts, we act accordingly to an illusion. If the action aims to solve the problem, then our solution is also illusory. The best solutions to our problems and the best methods for our happiness are all based on how accurate our perceptions of reality is