To do

  • Go through people whose work you follow online and study how they share. Link to their strategy here.

You have many options on how often and how you should share a product of your creativity into the world:

Publish only when there is something worth-sharing

This is the strategy I see applied by people whose main publishable artifact are books.

This strategy is heavy on private research.

People who use this strategy are often active in social media primarily Twitter. They use it as a micro-blogging platform where people are reminded that they exist. Another way of solving the problem of people forgetting them is to work with the garage door up. Andy does this with his working notes.

Perhaps, pop-up newsletters also fall into this category.

Pros: No pressure to produce work, avoid sharing half-baked ideas. Cons: People can forget you if you don’t compensate with microblogging.

Examples: Roman Krznaric, Andy Matuschak, ben hewitt, steve patterson

Roundup weekly updates integral to a weekly review

These are extremely valuable to the author. But there is serious concern about how much value they give to the reader. In my experience, preparing a roundup of my own works or links I consumed in a week is more beneficial in reviewing my creativity than in providing value to my audience (they rarely click the links simply because we are overwhelmed by so many links everyday).

Pros: Readers remember you Cons: Pressure to produce; half-baked ideas are published; can be overwhelming to readers; takes away time for more quality thinking and writing; time-consuming Examples: austin kleon, Tammy Strobel

Different types of publishable artifacts shared in intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

This is an email newsletter heavy strategy.

Pros: Opportunity to regularly practice your craft; Readers remember you Cons: Pressure to produce; half-baked ideas are published

Examples: craig mod

This issue is related with questions like Why does one opt to live in public?

Monthly updates with links to new work

Usually, a short monthly newsletters to share some highlights. It can be embedded with a monthly review

Examples: Hundred Rabbits, blake boles

A potential sharing routine

I want to avoid weekly and regular publishing schedules for now. I want to explore sharing when something is worth sharing. I want to focus on doing private research. This means that I will share microblog posts on social media for now. Or I could still send a weekly artifact but it will simply be an already written walk narrative rather than a consolidation of narratives. This is like Ben Hewitt’s vignettes but with more photos (maybe).