I read hard philo texts but it doesnt mean that I want to write similar texts. I admire how steve writes but i dont think i will enjoy my work enough if I am going to write in a similar way.

The main reason I am studying philosophy is because I want to know how to live.

And that way of life is the primary content for the things I want to write about.

I want to write three things

  • Poetry
  • Personal essays
  • Fantasy

Poetry will be my vehicle for the muse, the unspoken, logical but sometimes unreasonable.

Fantasy will be my return to childhood and the use of metaphors.

My personal essays will be fusion of my excursion with reason (philo, readings) and my excursion with life (experience).

If that is what I want to write, then my models would be

  • Daniel bolleli
  • Ben hewitt
  • Mark boyle

Although all have the capacity to philosophize, not everyone, and there are relatively few of them, called into a life dedicated to a friendship with wisdom.

Philosophy should not be looked upon as a Western idea by dead White men. Seeing philosophy this way creates an unnecessary illusory wall between us an a rich resource of knowledge accumulated from thousands of years. We should look at philosophy instead as a universal ability that could have existed anywhere in the world. It just happened to be vibrant in the West. But the desire to know what exists, to validate our beliefs, and to live good lives is universal.