Every day, I strive to follow my daily routine. My morning are spent primarily for writing, thinking, and reading. My goal is to use mornings to connect and listen to myself through writing and to produce good work.

In the afternoon, I usually do sustenance and admin work. After this, to complement heavily intellectual mornings, I do field works in the late afternoon to evening because walking accomplishes multiple goals. These fieldworks generate seeds that I could then work on the following day.


Every Sunday morning I ask myself: Is there something in my forest garden that is worth-sharing? This could be either a poem, an essay, or an insight that is fully developed (evergreens) and, therefore, can be shared. If, yes, I send a newsletter. If none, I don’t force it.

I know that regularity is important (speak your truth frequently) as well as deliberate practice. But things worth-sharing takes time, so I don’t share something just to share. Also, I work with the garage door up so people can see what I’m working on anyways through following forest garden of the mind.


Every fourth day of the month, I publish an issue of uman, which is a summary of the highlights of my month and links to the most important work done in the forest garden, usually also evergreens.

I strive to make this newsletter short, like Hundred RabbitsSummary of Changes.

As Needed

Sometimes I would do a long fieldwork. In such fieldworks, I won’t be publishing a daily newsletter in lieu of the weekly newsletter.