If I don’t have to work on a project during the writing block of the uninterrupted morning block of my daily routine, I jump right into the core of my creative practice: writing inside forest garden of the mind.

I do my writing in the morning to take the most advantage of the clarity and focus and usually have after a good sleep.

There are several types of seeds and seedlings in my forest garden, but I prioritize developing essay and poems. I scout my writing inbox for any unfinished essay or poem and work on them.

If I am running out of essays or poems to work on, this means my writing prompts are running out and I need to generate more prompts through the following:

  1. I review and process at least two previous diary entries and see if I could generate new prompts from them.
  2. I review and process seeds (snippets taken during a walk). I begin with yesterday then move my way backwards.
  3. I review insight notes.
  4. I review literature notes.

Throughout this process, my main goal is to move seeds and seedlings to evergreens. Evergreen poems and essays are important so I have something to share in a regular basis. But evergreen thought notes are also important because they determine evergreen essay production and, more importantly, inform my project for intentional living. I strive to process at least one note every day.

By the end of my session, I push changes in my forest garden to its public version powered by quartz and Github.

After this, I read. I attempt to read at least one page from a book or an article each day. If the material is theoretical, I make highlights, which I process into literature notes later (how to write literature notes).

Lastly, I process any photos I may have taken the previous day. Processing involves deleting bad shots.


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