Here are my criteria for choosing a field:

  1. The field has to have enough people working on it that can become potential mentors and peers (see my ideal mentors and peers).
  2. The field should have people engaged in activities similar to the Five areas of my life work.
  3. The potential mentors and peers in my field should be working on topics and questions that are related to my research questions and objectives (e.g., how should I live?, how to live, building a philosophy of life, etc.).
  4. They have to be engaged in actual, real-life application of the knowledge they produce from their intellectual activity. They have to have a Practice.
  5. The field has to feel like it is balanced in the attention it gives to theory and practice. People here are engaged in activities that resemble use-inspired basic research.
  6. The field has to have publication channels established, which also implies that it has an audience I can tap when I am ready (see Cautious sharing process).
  7. This isn’t the most important but it would make things a lot easier: the community has to be likable.

Using these criteria, I have decided that My field is practical philosophy. Having said that, I continue to ask, Do I really need a field?


Burja, S. (2020, June 25). How to Find the Frontiers of Knowledge. Samo Burja.