My audience and community is just a community made up of individuals who match my ideal audience persona. Each part of my community will be part of a larger community or several communities and fields. They become part of my community by the sole reason that they have shown some amount of interest into the work that I do. I am the node that ties them together. They don’t have to be a subscriber to my newsletter. As long as they have heard and resonated with my work intimately, they are part of my community.

This implies that I do not have to plug myself into an existing field (my criteria for choosing a field). I could create my own small field of knowledge that binds the different fields or communities of practice existing into a single thread that is my work.

My audience and community are made up of:

  1. Mentors
  2. Peers
  3. Fans

For information about mentors and peers, see my ideal mentors and peers. For information on fans, see my ideal audience persona.

This community grows and continues to exist by:

  • Me continuing to do the work, which is the thread that binds these people together.
  • Me facilitating opportunities for my audience to interact with each other.
  • Me reaching out to potential new members of my audience, i.e., possible mentors, peers, and fans.
  • Me nurturing existing relationships with members of my audience.