The ultimate experience I want my audience to feel is a feeling of happiness and meaningfulness grounded in Truth.

Now, that last part is a little tricky. To achieve that, I need to help my audience feel another emotion first: feeling existential.

I want my audience to feel existential. I want them to feel and remember the most important things in life. I want them to feel that this remembering is so important that it can save their life one day.

By feeling existential, I hope they eventually feel philosophical. This will hopefully motivate them to learn about themselves more or the world around them.

To do this, I need to create beautiful works of art (text, audio, video, photo) that achieves the following:

  • Share a specific insight.
  • Share my story or point of view.
  • Create a visual and audio experience that bring this insight to life.
  • I want people to feel a certain restfulness.