I am attracted to James Clear’s minimalist goal-setting strategy, which applies the warren buffet list. With some modifications, here is the process I follow for goal-setting.

  1. I create a my life goals master list one time then update yearly. I create it by coming up with a list of my life areas and listing goals under each area.
  2. I review my initial list of goals and look closer at each goal. I ask myself if this goal require smaller goals to achieve. If yes, I list all of the smaller goals under it.
  3. At the beginning of each year, during my annual review, I choose my top 5 goals from this master list. These goals will be my primary focus for the year. The rest of the goals will be my Avoid-at-all cost life goals.
  4. I then review my top 5 goals and choose which to work on for January. If I think I can achieve two goals in one month, then I create project notes for each goal. If I can only achieve one, then so be it.
  5. Every month thereafter, during my monthly review, I review the goal set for the previous month and either mark it as completed, carry it over next month, park it, or delete it.
  6. If the previous goal was completed, I first go to my top 5 goals list and choose a goal from them.
  7. I use the monthly review to update my goals for the month. Only after all my top 5 goals are completed will I create a new top 5 goals, which will be made up of promoted goals from the Avoid-at-all-cost list.

This process relies on trust that I have made a comprehensive job of creating the master list at the very beginning. The better the master list captures my short-term and long-term goals, the lesser the work I shall do moving forward.