Convergence can only happen after divergence. A convergence tool like purpose (purpose is a convergence tool) can only be produced by trial and error. Deciding on what to try out is usually done through Intuition (i.e., System 2 Thinking).

we create our individual purpose through the following proces:

  1. We try a lot of things using intuition to decide what resonates with us.
  2. We use both mind and body to feel what resonates (Focus on what feels good and purpose will follow).
  3. We then reflect and make a decision on what works for us and what does not.

Only after trying different things can we start to get a sense of what resonates. From here arises coverging tools like purpose, vision, and mission. Through these convergence tools, a measure of mental stability is achieved (Purpose provides a sense of organization and direction).

As long as you are in the divergence phase, your intentions will remain tentative and you won’t be able to keep habits, routines, and commitments for the long-term. Arriving at convergence is signified by “Hell, yeah!” When you get there, you just know what to do and the motivation you need to change your behavior comes naturally. But you only arrive at convergence through trial and error. While in this phase, it might be useful to brand yourself purposefully as someone who is trying to figure things out.

This is why formal education does not work. It sets a strict schedule on one’s psychological development, forcing one to make premature work and career decisions, which hamper the organic discovery of one’s purpose. You cannot force this process like what schooling does. Some people find it fast, some take lots of time.

This also shows why purpose is highly individualistic. there is no single purpose everyone must follow.