This is the fourth among the Five areas of my life work.

I use facilitating instead of teaching because I don’t want to be a teacher. A Facilitator:

  • Helps individuals listen to themselves, that is, uncover their innate knowledge.
  • Is on stand by. Individuals approach him/her if they need help.

It is important, therefore, that a facilitator’s methods are as neutral as possible. Being neutral is the only way one can avoid being prescriptive.

Eventually, I would like to explore how my methods and systems can be applied to other individuals or individual-centered small groups (like those in retreats). I feel like one of the best ways to experiment my methods and systems could be a Self-directed learning center.

Societal application of my methods and systems will be tricky. But I can explore these theoretically. For example, I would like to explore how we can facilitate amoralism and anarchic principles in a broader context.

As listed in living, I can facilitate the application of methods and systems relating to the following:

  • Learning through self-directed learning
  • Designing a ground-level productivity system
  • Reconnecting with one’s true self
  • Designing a system that aligns one’s actions with one’s true self
  • Building a Personal knowledge management system
  • Using systems and methods to accomplish basic well-being goals
  • Creating a personal philosophy of living
  • Creating a life manual