Edward Mooney has an outdated blog: Mists on the Rivers. In the about page, he describes what the blog contains:

I would write here and now in praise of Thoreau, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, Basho, and endless others not as a critic or scholar only (I have venues for that), but as someone delighted and moved and pained by their words so aptly  addressed my way. I would write as one who recalls them at dusk and finds them again as day begins.

On blogging, Ed mentions the following bloggers as influences:

On his relationship with Thoreau

So on through college and years teaching college he remained a high school sweetheart, a first love remembered well, but left behind as I moved on to — what shall I say — more challenging writers. I learned from my philosophy profs that he was not a philosopher. And that was decades before I began to learn that you could be a philosopher who found philosophy in George Eliot, Dickinson… or Thoreau.

In grad school, I actually heard Cavell lecture on Walden. But I took his interest as quirky, a circus act…

I knew all about him, and he was not where it was at; in the academy, that is: I could dream of him on long hikes in the Sierras. It was quite an accident that brought me to reopen Cavell-on-Thoreau well into my philosophical career, and to begin reading the Journals, and A Week, and Cape Cod, and with a bittersweet shock of recognition, realize what I had been missing all those years. I had never read a sentence of his slowly! Thinking I knew him when I didn’t at all. I’ve know him all my life, and I’ve just started to get to know him, or maybe… struggle and love as I will, I’ll never know him.


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