While walking up forestry, I came across two dogs walking down. I remember seeing a lump of meat one time when I was going up forestry. From afar it looked like a log albeit a weird looking one. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was a body of a dead dog hardened by the cold. Its stomach bulged and its hind legs were apart like branches of a dead log. As I remember this, I waited for a lone car going down Lantican to pass the first dog I saw. Made sure it was ok. A few months ago, two cats of UPLB died from separate car crashes. These happened about an hour apart. I notice that drivers here drive faster when there are more people or animals on the road or when the roads are narrower. They go against nature. Perhaps this is why I can’t make myself buy a car no matter what I do. I prefer walking.

Walking to Forestry on a Caffeinated Mind

I took a tablespoon filled with coffee and mixed it on hot water an hour before I walked. And now that I am walking to forestry I could hear everything, see everything, feel everything. I raise my head up at the sky and see the clouds dissolving into the night like coffee granules on hot water.


Maladayaming tuyong damo sa gilid ng daan Araw-araw paulit-ulit na paglalakad