You can’t be authentic if you don’t know how to control your attention. Authenticity requires that you pay attention to your inner self, your voice, so that, in the process, you could know your values, tendencies, and what makes you tick. If you cannot control and protect your attention (i.e., you are constantly distracted, allow distraction to happen, and listen to other people’s voices), it will be very difficult to listen to your own voice.

Austin Kleon and Billy Collins did say that listen to others to hear your voice. However, some artistic craft, like research, benefit more from listening to oneself because thinking must produce insight. Now, insight cannot be predetermined that it is difficult to catch it when one is too caught up listening to someone else’s thoughts.

This extends to finding your voice. There has to be a time, a space in a day, where you are not consuming, and you are just listening to youself. This mindset borrows its energy from meditation This is transcend without media.