This life area involves working on crafts that I identify as integral to who I show up in the world and those that I do mainly as a hobby.

Here are the sub-areas and their standards:

Creating - Writing

I regularly express myself through creative personal essays or vignettes. I regularly practice poetry, committing to mastering it and using it to enrich my life and the lives of those around me.

Creating - Walking

I regularly practice walking and deepening my use and understanding of it as a platform for philosophy, contemplation, and creativity.

Creating - Photography

I study and practice photography regularly to hone my skills.

**Creating - Web Design and Development

I regularly improve my web design and development skills to improve and maintain and my other websites to serve as effective platforms for my creative works.

Creating - Fantasy

I study how to write fantasy as a way to flow, have fun, and explore my philosophical ideas through story.

Unprocessed notes on creating