Craig Mod is a writer and photographer from Japan. He blogs at He’s like a modern-day henry david thoreau who walks and writes, except he’s not too particular with philosophy and is more interested in culture, literature, and story-telling. That is why he talked to other people, unlike Thoreau or annie dillard who engaged more with Nature and, thus, talked more to themselves. (Note: How much should I talk to people I meet on my walks?)

What I think I can steal from his process is how he organizes long-walks and create publishable artifacts from those walks.

More about Craig Mod:


John McBride was his mentor. Looked for a deeper meaning on being in Japan.

2012 did the kumano kodo walk 2019 walk that turned to kissa by kissa was what started his walk as a platform model

He is no allowed to complain during walks. Elevate people he meets.


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