The Buddha actually avoided talking about doctrines of metaphysics because he knows that we agree about what we want and disagree about metaphysics and epistemology, and this disagreement could clouds his main goal—to teach how people can be kind to others and lessen the suffering in the world.

One of the metaphysical teachings he introduced but avoided expounding was the doctrine of the Non-self.

Maybe, avoiding metaphysics is a sign of reverence and respect to questions that ellude answers. Since I couldn’t grasp my head around all of it, I bow to wonder and enjoy it. I focus on making the most out of the joy of what I know.


  • Expound on this claim using evidences from the ancient texts.
  • Research how Buddhist scholars determine what the Buddha taught and said originally. Because if the doctrine of no-self is not his, then it is not his but his followers’ teaching.


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