Vince Imbat

My workview vs. my lifeview

Nov 23, 2022

# Where do your view on work and life complement one another?

Both my lifeview and my workview have this minimalist balanced view of money that recognizes the need for it but only in a limited role—a supportive role. What is more important are the things that occur in the gift space especially those related to my vocation.

I realized that I have never truly been driven by money. I have been very cheap in my life and could be even cheaper if needed. The more I don’t think about how I can generate more income, the better. And this is why I am attracted to a patronage.

Because the main work is inner and its movement is slow, fame is not really part of the equation. I actually don’t want to be a bestselling author, a producer of words. What I want to be is to become a producer of goodness and compassion and help in alleviating suffering. This means the work I want to do is not only creative. It involves working with people directly—one on one.

# Where to they clash?

The only contradiction I see that I am hoping to correct soon is the compartmentalization of everything. Since livelihood work will still be a prominent part of my life, ideally, it has to be treated as integral. Either I force myself to really put my heart into it and love it or I look for a different job—one that is closer to passion and therefore closer to love.

  1. Day Job
  2. Business that integrates with my vocation.
  3. Vocation

# Does one drive the other How?

My lifeview should definitely drive my workview. Because I am interestingly existential, I am called to do contemplative, pihilosophical, and pastoral work. If i was Catholic, I defnitely went to priesthood. If I was religious, I would have become a pastor. My calling is to construct my own worldview, be in the world, and see how any of them could be of help to others. Livelihood is there to support this calling financially.