Vince Imbat

My lifeview

Nov 22, 2022

I believe that The universe has no predetermined destiny for each of us. Purpose does not arise from the objective physical world and There is no single purpose everyone must follow. We were thrown in this world and Life is inherently meaningless. But this is actually a good thing because it means We create our individual purpose. Even if life is inherently meaningless, we can still live meaningfully.

We make meaning by pursuing experiences and interpreting them. We need to do this, to fill this life with experiences, memories, knowledge. These make life valuable and meaningful. And nothing makes life more meaningful than navigating this solitude with building relationships with others. These relationships are built through compassion, a skill that can be learned and nurtured.

I believe that Freedom is an essential prerequisite for optimal Ginhawa. Therefore, individuals should help each other maximize each other’s individual freedom. That involves making sure the liberties of others are respected. Although individual freedom is paramount, relationships, harmony, cooperation, peace, and community are also essential in living a good life because they are the bedrock for freedom.

Money is only necessary for sustenance and security. It is also a tool to accomplish things or help others but it isn’t the most important thing. One can accomplish a lot even with very little money. Fame shouldn’t be pursued. Fame is terrible to happiness. If any, Fame is a by-product of authenticity and luck, a side-effect of living a life of integrity and passion.

Since There is no objective meaning, there are no naturally occuring values. I subscribe to Amoralism, which argues that our ideas of good and evil are simply subjective expressions of personal preferences. This means that there are no natural rights and that morality is a fiction and it is best to avoid these in dealing with our fellow humans. Being honest about these things usually lead us to good places.

There is something beyond us, more powerful and primordial—the universe, order, structure. This is not necessarily God and it doesn’t have to be worshipped. But we should allow ourselves to feel in awe of its mystery. Simple recognizing the existence of this “unmoved mover” involves accepting the fact that I didn’t come into this life by my own accord. I was brought here by someone or something that is way more powerful than myself. And the nature of this thing or person is filled with mystery. The answers about its nature are not intuitive. They have to be pondered about. But answers don’t have to be clear or final. The awe that the mystery produces is enough to move us to embrace Intentional living (i.e., appreciate everything and every moment we are alive and let that appreciation guide us to do the most important action).