Vince Imbat

My daily note-writing practice

Jan 5, 2021

During the uninterrupted morning block of My daily routine, if I don’t have a project to work on, I jump right into the core of my creative practice: writing evergreen notes.

# Process diary

  1. I review two past diary entries and underline potential inklings and tasks.
  2. I transfer tasks to Things and inklings to the writing inbox.

# Note-writing

My goal is to process at least one note in My forest garden of the mind every day. How I process each note depends on its type (Talahardin taxonomy of note types). But the most importan part of the work is to create Evergreens, which often comes from literature notes (how to convert literature notes to permanent notes).

# Reading

I attempt to read at least one page from a book or an article each day. If the material is theoretical, I make highlights and write literature notes (how to write literature notes).

Throughout this process, my main goal is to organize the theoretical part of my intellectual work. However, I also open myself to capturing lyrical philosophy if it shows up during this work block.

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