There are four parts to my Monthly review:

  1. Write the Monthly report.
  2. Review my Sky level.
  3. Do some housekeeping.

Part I: Write the monthly report.

  1. Determine my general progress in projects and areas by reviewing all Daily review reports for the past month to create a monthly report (Monthly reports). Use the monthly report template.
  2. Still in your monthly report, list other noteworthy things like events, movies, TV series, and music you listened to during the month.
  3. While writing the monthly report, do the following whenever necessary:
    • Transfer emergent tasks to Things 3.
    • Transfer emergent projects to Things 3.
    • Adjust list of areas across Obsidian, Finder/Dropbox, Google Drive, and Things as needed.

Part II: Review my sky level

  1. Review my purpose is to live deliberately.
  2. Review my vision statement.
  3. Review my personal narrative vision for the year.
    • Bold parts that could be addressed with new projects.
    • Highlight parts that fit more into Areas.
    • Code-format parts that have been achieved.
    • Put (?) at the end of projects that may be dropped or postponed for the next year.
  4. Review and update my life goals master list (refer to How to set goals).
    • Transfer completed goals to Done.
    • If there are incomplete goals, carry them over to the current month or return them to Someday/Maybe.
    • If there are no incomplete goals, check for any remaining goals under the primary focus and choose there.
    • If the primary focus list is empty or lacking at least one of five goals, review the Next list and promote goals to Primary Focus.
    • Update timelines for chosen goals for the month.
    • Update wording/definition of goals.
    • Add new goals.
  5. Review and update Project List.
    • Do all of these first in my task manager then replicate across other apps if necessary.
    • My project list should only include projects I know I can accomplish in the current month.
    • Park all other projects I plan on taking on in a future date under “Someday”.
    • Archive any completed or inactive projects.
    • Refer back to my updated list of life goals for the month and create a project for each goal.
    • Write the goal for each project.
    • Update the goal for other projects already in the list (usually, carryovers from last month).
    • Put a deadline for each project.
    • Order projects by global priority.

Part III: Housekeeping

  1. Review Someday/Maybe items.
  2. Reprioritize tasks.
  3. Empty trash in task manager and Talahardin.