While the Weekly review is designed to maintain my ground level (My LMS ground level setup), the monthly review breaks this continuous focus on taking action and provides a space where I can evaluate my Sky level, most especially My life areas and life goals. If this is its purpose, a seeming disconnect between what I do and what I would like to do is caused by a problem in my monthly review process. This is why I think reading my Purpose statement, My mission statement, etc. is necessary during my monthly review routine.

Another key difference between a weekly review and a monthly review is that a weekly review can be mostly tactical because the monthly review has already been strategic. If the weekly review helps me get things done, the monthly review ensures that I get the “right” things done. A monthly review assures that I maintain focus on my intentions (Focus is the force you exert to stay in line with your intentions). Furtheremore, it reminds me of my progress.

There are two artificats produced by a monthly review: the monthly reports and uman.


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