Vince Imbat

Live your life as if it was a walk

Nov 13, 2022

Living life like a walk involves a progression of four steps:

  1. Set up your home base.
  2. Walk your neighborhood.
  3. Walk your town.
  4. Walk the world (Explore the wilderness of compassion).

# Set up your home base.

Note: You don’t have to achieve all of these perfectly. You just have to establish a minimum viable versionn for each. Once a minimum viable version is established, you can start taking regular walks outdoors. But you have to use these first walks to find support and feedback to strengthen your home base. The more you strengthen your home base, the more you become capable of going out. The process is not linear by cyclo-linear. You stay at home to tend to your house but you go out regularly to expand and connect with others and the world. While you are building or tending your house, it is important to visit your neighbors for a break and to have conversations.

# Walk your neighborhood.

Establish an nurture your inner circle.

# Walk around town.

Establish and nurture your outer circle.

# Explore and walk the wilderness of compassion.

Note: This exploration in the wilderness of compassion comes in different intensities. One might be contented working with or sharing one’s work to a small range outside one’s outer circle, or one could aspire to reach as much people as possible or attempt or see one’s work as something that involves all of mankind.