A Photograph

Eyes at Carabao Park

I’m calling this photo “Eyes on Carabao Park.” I took this yesterday late afternoon while walking back home after a semi-wet quick walk. About two days ago, I went home soaked in rain after staying out too late. I don’t want that to happen again, so I started my wait out of the campus when it started raining and the drops are not yet that big. Rains here in Los Baños are starting to come with strong winds, making any sort of walk difficult. I had to stop to take a photo of those orange lights though. I notice that whoever opens these lights opens them fairly early. What a waste of energy, I thought. But those orange bulbs do look like the eyes—like of an engkanto, perhaps a kapre, looking down from the large tree on the background. Oh my, these rains water the imagination!

A Thought

What we ultimately want is to be in a particular mental state.

We don’t want physical objects. We want the Mental state we get by having those objects. We don’t want the status that people see. We want the mental state of having that status that we alone can see.

What we desire is to revisit a mental state we experienced in the past and which we know is desirable. So, when asked, “What do you want?” our first answer is almost always not the true answer. The true answer is usually behind that first answer or way back.

A Quote

The quality of my entire life is the quality of my habitual emotions.

— Tony Robbins

A Question

What is the mental state you desire the most?


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