There are many definitions, but I want to differentiate the two based on their methods

The popular version of spirituality forces me to believe on things I am not prepared to believe in. Philosophy does not force anything. It only advocates for me to believe in myself, in what my mind reaches.

Because of this nature of spirituality, I want to intentionally distance myself from it. While I engage in a lot of practices that are labeled spiritual in the mainstream, I do not do these to achieve what mainstream spirituality uses these for.

I don’t want to believe in magic, in the esoteric, in stuff that cannot be explained through common sense. Who knows maybe these are true and one day I will eventually believe in them. But the point is that I am not ready. Spiritual language discriminates against the agnostic, the atheistic, the nonbeliever, many of which do not reject spiritual claims, but are simply not ready for them.

Philosophy I think is the freest, most egalitarian and welcoming space for people like me. It has its flaws, yes, but it fits people like me more than spirituality does. And so we start iterating from it.