Vince Imbat


Aug 15, 2022

  1. Walking is leaving
  2. Walking deepens space
  3. Walking lengthens time
  4. Walking allows silence
  5. Walking is not the point
  6. Walking is a perfect metaphor for living
  7. Walking teaches compassion
  8. Walking could be a pilgrimage
  9. Walking as a relieving stroll
  10. Walking also involves stopping
  11. Walking is a prompt for thinking
  12. Walking changes your perspective
  13. Walking is a mindfulness practice
  14. Walking allows fullness of presence
  15. Walking accomplishes multiple goals
  16. Walking reminds us of our finiteness
  17. Walking’s monotony liberates the mind
  18. Walking could break your sense of identity
  19. Walking is a dance between being and thinking
  20. Walking allows thinking of evergreen thoughts
  21. Walking is a method for uncovering original thoughts
  22. Walking transforms the outdoors into a dwelling place
  23. Walking is an experiential introduction to states of being
  24. Walking establishes the connection between mind and matter
  25. Rewalking highlights the contrast in space
  26. Live your life as if it was a walk
  27. explore metaphysical and epistemological beliefs as if it was a walk
  28. Walking is scouting for what is possible
  29. Walking breaks the dominance of commerce and culture to give life to wilderness
  30. Walking is a privilege
  31. Walking is a kaleidescope