Vince Imbat

The art of living is my gift

Sep 23, 2022

We didn’t choose to exist. We seem to be thrown here. But we can Reinterpret our throwness as a gift. The life that I am living is the ultimate gift I have ever received. Therefore, I am called to treat living as my ultimate art. This is the very reason why My life work is religious in nature. Its religious nature is an attempt to live it intentionally.

There are many collectives of people who, by example, have shown the way to do this. There are traditions. But I don’t think I can choose one tradition to follow religiously. I need to create my own tradition by piecing together different influences.

Once identified, my personal family tree of influences will signify the pantheon from which I have received the gift and from which I could return the gift via the enrichment of this tradition.

If the lessons and examples of these people were a gift, then after truly accepting and using them, I have to continue its movement. Teaching and Sharing are inevitable. If living is my art, then living is what has to be taught, shared, and gifted to others.

How to do this? Look for answers from the very people who influence you.

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