A review in the context of a life management system is any process that prompts me to look back at an intention I set and the action (or series of actions) I took to accomplish the intention. The purpose of looking back (Pay attention to what we pay attention to) is to know whether I am living a life of integrity, i.e, my actions produce end states that match my intentions (An action succeeded if its end state approximates its intention). Reviews allow a life management system to perform one of its most important function: to be at peace with our choices of action.

Life is super complex. My life management system needs to be simple to accomodate my mind’s limitations. But it shouldn’t be too simple. Complexity should be allowed. The frequency of reviews simplifies life’s complexity. I cannot handle the entire complexity in one moment. But I can do so in different moments scattered across intervals. This is design. Design allows for an efficient life management system, where actions are managed and are in integrity with convergence tools like purpose, Vision statement, and Mission statement.

Review systems must:

  • happen at regular intervals,
  • follow a checklist format,
  • connect both actionable and reference systems.

I conduct four kinds of reviews

The key to regularly performing these reviews (except the daily review) is reminders, since it is difficult to establish habits that are not daily.