Vince Imbat

Publishing strategies for digital gardeners

Oct 1, 2022

I know I wanted to do Digital gardening, to nurture My forest garden of the mind, but I also want to build an audience around that garden, to share my work there to others who could find it useful. How do other digital gardeners share their work and build a following?

Hundred Rabbits

Maggie Appleton

Andy Matuschak



# My solution

Intellectual work produces lots of notes and artifacts in my forest garden. These accumulates. If I do a monthly piece like Hundred Rabbits, I end up with a lenghty almost unreadable piece. An obvious solution is to cut the publishing process to weekly. I will still do a quick newsletter linking to works from the forest garden.

The only problem with weekly newsletters is I had a hard time maintaining them in the past. If I will do them, here are rules I need to follow:

Remember that you have two goals when writing:

  1. Primary: To process my thoughts, experiences, and emotions so I can improve understanding.
  2. Secondary: To leave footprints and archetypes for others in a similar path to make use of in their own journeys.

# References