This life area involves establishing and maintaining a life management system.

Here are the following sub-areas under this life area:

Overseeing - Theory

I am consistently developing concepts that help me build a life management system that aligns my actions with my purpose.

Overseeing - Ground Level

I am able to capture, process, and organize incoming inputs in my life efficiently and effectively.

Overseeing - Sky Level

I am constantly connected to my true self and purpose.

Overseeing - Reviews

I am regularly reviewing my actions to make sure that they are aligned with my true self and purpose.

Overseeing - Project Management

I am able to plan my projects, perform work related to my projects, and manage the information I need to support them efficiently and effectively.

Overseeing - Forest Garden

I am effectively and efficiently collecting Intermediate Packets (IPs) into a multi-device note-taking app in a system that allows for easy capture and retrieval. I maintain a daily note-writing practice that captures and develops my thinking into one-concept notes that are interconnected to each other.

Overseeing - Life Philosophy

I have a sense of meaning and purpose in life and a core set of principles that guide and justify my actions.