This is my voice. This melancholic gratitude filled existential voice. I have a humorous voice too but. This voice is me and this is what I want to cultivate. And I kinda feel it more when I write in Filipino and when I write poetic prose and take photographs.

I want to write personal, honest, sincere, and earnest writings rather than authoritarian pieces. I need to be super clear about what I truly stand for and what I am doing to uphold what I stand for. I need to be true to myself. I need to be aligned. Learning how to better my life, bettering it, and sharing about this process is what I want to do—no, need to do.

I want to combine personal story, story-telling, and good research to try to create works that teach “values” in a subtle, facilitative way. I want to use the first person voice but I also want to demonstrate good research.


I like the write simple yet elegant sentences. Models:

  • Ben Hewitt
  • Rofel Brion

My style

  • aloof, measured, careful, deep, reverent

What people say about my writing

To do