Vince Imbat

My mission statement

Aug 2, 2021

I am committed to living a life filled with Ginhawa by developing Mindfulness and understanding, so I can always perform the right and compassionate action in my life areas.

I am committed to maintaining and improving my Life management system, my mental and physical Health, my relationships, and my sustenance work, so that they support me in pursuing my vision and fulfilling my purpose (My life areas support my life work).

I am committed to building a world filled with Ginhawa by:

  1. honoring My top values and living according to my principles in my daily life;
  2. authentically expressing my ideas and stories through writing and other artforms in a way that is helpful to my audience;
  3. nurturing a community and ecosystem of individual relationships with allies, peers, mentors, and followers; and
  4. facilitating the development of skills, practices, and knowledge related to the fulfillment of my vision and purpose in others.

To Do