james clear used Ultralearning, after Young to improve his writing. Below is the process he used.

  1. metalearning. Examine other popular bloggers and authors. Create a map for what you needed to do to become a successful writer.
  2. Focus. Be a full-time writer. Spend majority of your time reading and writing.
  3. Directness. Learn writing by writing. Set a schedule to publish a new article and keep it.
  4. Drill. Systematically break down each aspect of writing articles (headline, introductory sentence, transition, storytelling, and more). Put spreadsheets filled with examples of each segment. Test and refine your ability to perform each small aspect of the larger task.
  5. Feedback. Personally email all your subscribers to say hello and ask for feedback on your writing.


Young, S. (2019). Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career (Illustrated edition). Harper Business.