Vince Imbat


Jan 5, 2021

What we usually call a goal is actually an Intention to do a certain Action, which includes a Means and an end.

A goal is not always stated as a desired end state. Sometimes, it is framed as the Means that must be used to attempt to reach the desired end state.

The end state that we reach through an Action or a set of actions (i.e., Project) is ultimately a Mental state and it can never be predicted. We can only try but there are no assurances that our desired mental state will indeed be generated. What we can predict (i.e., what we can control), is the choice of the means (or actions and projects) we take to attempt to reach the desired end.

Therefore, we can frame a goal as a mental state (e.g., “I want to feel happy”) or an action (e.g., “I want to do A”). This implies that a better definition for what a goal is is that it is an Intention. An intention is an expression of a desire, an approximation of future actions or states.

When setting goals, it is good to touch base on both the utimate end (i.e., the mental state brought about by a means) and the means itself, the latter being more practical.