Vince Imbat

Enhance the experience of a mental state by modifying the environment

May 11, 2022

Modifying one’s environment is one of some Actions to take to experience an emotion intentionally. In my case, it could involve modifying my immediate environment as well as the bigger environment where I am located (geographical and sociopolitical location). People are part of that environment, so influencing them to change their behavior in a way that enhances my personal experience of a Mental state like Ginhawa is part of this process.

People usually think that modifying their environment is their ultimate purpose But the truth is that What we ultimately want is to be in a particular mental state. Therefore, even if A purpose is not always the same as a core desired mental state, It is better to align purpose with a core desired mental state.

While modifying one’s environment is only secondary to experiencing a core desired mental state directly, it is nevertheless still important, as context has a profound effect on our mental states. In my case, pursuing Ginhawa means embracing a goal To help create a world filled with Ginhawa.

Other ways of modifying one’s environment to experience or enhance a mental state are:

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