Working in a field streamlines connecting. I have articulated that My field is practical philosophy. However, I want to question this need to have a specific field.

There are many writers who write about different subjects. I have a desire to be in a similar state. A state of openness.

What if my field is my method? (See, Bio of artists that are content agnostic). Method is content or topic agnostic. So what if my field is simply writing? What if me the writer and the act of writing is the thread that weaves all these pieces together and all these different subjects?

And what if my colleagues are scattered in different fields?

I just have to focus on my purpose (to simply feel alive and have a constant desire to live), and then I should be open about how that purpose is expressed.

So all I need is:

  1. Purpose
  2. Method
  3. Subjects

I weave the different subjects I’m interested in through the thread of both method and purpose.

To do

  • The state of this note shows that I still need to think about this further.