Vince Imbat

Creations can cross the exchange economy to the gift economy and vice versa

Jan 30, 2023

When we create based on our talents, our gifts, then we cross the gift world. We stay there when creating then we leave it to bring that to the exchange world where we sell it, where it has a set price. But in the gift world where it came from, it didn’t have a price.

Something that has been created in the exchange world is that which has already a price even before it was created. But that created in the exchange world can cross the gift world if you don’t sell it but give it as a gift instead.

Whether the beggar is part of a syndicate, lying, or really in need doesn’t matter. When you give coins freely they enter the gift world. They are gifts. They reinforce the gift world.

The gift world is simply a kind of culture, an invisible tapestry made of thoughts, traditions, habits. We build and reinforce it through thoughts, traditions, and habits.

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