I spent the first week of March strengthening the concept of my client’s research proposal on inclusion of people with disabilities. After delivering the final version of the draft, instead of jumping right into editing and proofreading study, I faced my fears and decided to do something for my art in the remaining days of the month even if I still didn’t have a consistent flow of income. I decided to write an entry for the Ateneo National Writers’ Workshop 20, which I sent on the last day of the month. After some deliberation, I decided to focus on how walking helps me traverse the psycho-socio-religious liminality I am currently in.

In between these two major projects, I spent some time performing a metalearning project to look for the best resources and create a customized curriculum for improving my editing and proofreading skills. I also did two batches of overviews for Boobkright. Lea and I also went to a few adventures. We celebrated her birthday through a picnic lunch at Freedom Park. Then we went to Enchanted Kingdom where I faced my fears and explored emotions I never knew I had.

Throughout the month but particulary by the end, there were several occasions of bonding with our community. Benjie and Joji came to visit Los Baños and expressed desire to transfer here in the future. In addition, Lea and I went to Bal Bibal’s Impression Workshop. We also attended the opening of Maui’s solo exhibit, where I read my translation of A House Called Tomorrow by Alberto Rios and experienced flow while playing indigenous musical instruments. We then explored Elbi’s hip-hop scene by watching Bevs’ gig. Finally, we bonded with Kris Ann a couple of times.

After extending my runway, I was also able to open potential website design and development projects with Ili Likhaan and Candent. Meanwhile, I also started tapering my meds down to 1/4 tab per night and I was generally okay.





  • Took some decent photos during the Bal Bibal Workshop and Ili exhibit opening.


  • A walk to Freedom Park on March 3, made me realize that I needed days when I will just be in the present moment, not planning and thinking about securing my life, but just being there and living and not doing anything.
  • Walked at Pancho on March 7 and saw the moon over the mountains of Laguna.


Inclusion in the Workplace Research Proposal

  • I was able to deliver the first, second, and third drafts for the Inclusion paper successfully.
  • I was able to talk to Krys along the way effectively to incorporate all the feedback.
  • I was able to treat her well as a client.

Editing and Proofreading Improvement


  • I listened to podcasts and YT videos about autoethnogaphy.
  • Walked to Forestry and spent around 30 minutes sketching ideas for the Entry to ANWW20 on my journal.
  • Learned how to format a paper in MLA and sent the paper to Ateneo.


  • I was able to update 11 new OVIC overviews.


  • Ate at Crispy Nok.
  • Lea and I had dinner at Cadapan.

Life Areas



  • I started tapering my meds down to 1/4 setraline tab every night.


  • Benjie and Joji visited Los Baños, so we had a picnic at Freedom Park together with Bevs, Embi, and Lea.
  • Ate at Dalcielo with Kris Ann and Lea.
  • Helped solve Champy’s dental problems by bringing in Doc Ortiz to extract her teeth.
  • Lea and I celebrated her birthday through a picnic at Freedom Park.
  • While walking to Forestory on March 3, Lea and I talked about how we can incorporate spirituality into our activities as a couple.
  • Spent a night with Bevs, Embi, Diwa, Ju, and Lea discussing Tungko, art, business, and personal problems.
  • Lea and I went to EK as my birthday gift to her. The trip helped me discover and keep in touch with emotions I didn’t know I had.
  • Lea and I went to Bal Bibal’s impression workshop.
  • Lea and I joined many other friends for the opening of Maui’s solo exhibit at Sining Makiling.
  • Lea and I celebrated Kris Ann’s birthday at Auntie Pearl’s Pizza.
  • Lea and I went to Bev’s gig at Jacque’s and got acquainted with the LB hip-hop culture.


  • Continued working for SEP: 255, 256, 257, 258, 259
  • I had talked with Maui and Yano for a potential project to improve Ililikhaan’s website.
  • I had a talk with Benjie for a potential project to improve Candent’s website.


Media Consumption





  • Allegiant
  • The Proposal
  • A Bad Moms Christmas
  • Selective Outrage

TV Series

  • Teenage Bounty Hunters
  • Cobra Kai
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Making a Murderer
  • Community
  • The Kominsky Method


  • Jao Rogers
  • Jenn
  • Lucylle