The main areas I nurtured this month were sustaining and connecting. I did a new set of OVIC overviews and got paid for the trial run I did last month. I also landed a research ghostwriting gig, which Claire referred to me, and which I landed through an awesome cover letter, a decent enough discovery call, and an excellent writing test. Landing this job boosted my confidence. It was my first real win throughout this job search process, and with that it was already worth-it by itself. Doing the work also gave me a refresher on research writing, which will help me when I focus on editing academic writing. These two gigs gave me some sense of security and convinced me to use the free time I generated to focus on achieving consistency of income through freelance editing and writing. While looking for gigs, I also spent a considerable amount of time just brainstorming the ideal business setup I want. I read The Free Agent Ecosystem by Tiago Forte, which introduced me to some really important principles I plan to incorporate in my freelancing.

In terms of connecting, I spent time bonding with Camille and my cousins, realizing that in a few months, my relationships with my cousins will definitely change as they transition into marriage life. I also made my intention to establish a daily connecting practice through a personal CRM app. I discovered Clay and this moved me to reach out to people like Kleinifer Palma. This led to an unexpected reunion at Baguio with her and Gerald Bandonil. I also started chatting with Lovelle Almazar, a fellow editor in the Philippines. Also, I spent a simple birthday celebration with Lea, who gifted me with a hand and foot massage package. Speaking of massages, I had two body massages this month, something I wanted to do but never had since 2017 (?).

In other areas, it is still slow in the understanding department. I did enjoy reading Wilderness and the Heart, specifically the article: “Answering the Call of the Wild: Walking with Bugbee and Thoreau” by Daniel W. Conway and Things I Like About Christianity by Steve Patterson. I also wrote three poems and had a few walks.


While working on an OVIC overview about the police abolition movement, I was reminded of anarchy and its belief on what is possible. It touched something within me, something that asks me, am I living based on what my heart knows is possible or have I given up and accepted the status quo?

I wrote:




  • Walked from Matic-Matic to Cablong and gathered thoughts about simple living.
  • 2023-02-12: I walked to Forestry via Grove. There were so many people that the walk was suboptimal. Things got better when I was reaching Forestry, particularly when I started hearing the birds and the insect sounds. While there, I realized how important Nature is for my spirituality and well-being, but also that I am not spending enough time in it.


Daily networking

  • I found Clay after researching a few personal CRMs.
  • I connected with Kleinifer Palma.

Freelance Business Setup v1

  • Drafted a plan

Inclusion in the workplace v1

  • I learned how to write a freelance cover letter. I wrote one to apply for a gig that Claire sent it. It worked. The client messaged me.
  • Lea and I went live where she audited my LinkedIn profile.
  • I prepared and did my first ever discovery call (which turned out to be a job interview) and did it with flying colors.
  • I did a writing test and I passed it. I got the job.
  • I learned how to properly write a literature review
  • I learned how to write an annotated bibliography.


  • Noticed Jupiter and Venus’ alignment in February sky.

Life Areas



  • Had my first massage in a long time at Footprints.
  • Had my second massage at North Haven Spa at Casa Vallejo. I tried their combo indigenous massage.
  • Had foot and hand spa at V Lounge Spa for my birthday. (Then had dinner at Cadiz Pizza.)


  • Spent lunch with my extended family, including Bernice’s fiance.
  • Had karaoke night with Migs and Cams.
  • I realized that in a few months, my relationships with my cousins will definitely change as they are transitioning into marriage life.
  • Champy had her prophylaxis successfully and Lea reported me everything.
  • Had dinner at Cafe Amaris with Cams, Migs, and Tito Francis. After which, I had deeper conversations with Migs and Tito Cams
  • Traveled to Baguio and joined my family for a buffet lunch at Cabalen. We then went to Burnham for the kids. I rode on the boat for the first time since I was a small kid.
  • Went to Volante at SM to meet Kleinifer and Gerald, friends I haven’t seen in a decade and whom I never really hanged out with at college.
  • I connected with Lovelle Almazar.
  • I connected with Jamie Vidich and Goan.
  • Had a Valentine’s date with Lea at Rocks and Tea. We played Sequence and liked it. We then went to the UP Fair, but spent most of our time lying down on the grass and staring up at the black sky.
  • Helped Lea address Carillon’s health issue.
  • Lea and I walked to UP then had a date at Jollibee.


  • Continued applying for academic writing positions but realized I don’t want to continue doing this kind of writing.
  • I applied at
  • I received payment for the OVIC trial run then received a new set of assignment. I finished the assignment this month.
  • I re-affirmed that the goal is to get to a consistent income as soon as possible by capitalizing on already profitable skills I have: writing, editing, and researching.


Media Consumption


  • Received a copy of A Humument.
  • I started re-reading Book Yourself Solid.
  • I started reading Wilderness and the Heart, specifically the article: “Answering the Call of the Wild: Walking with Bugbee and Thoreau” by Daniel W. Conway



  • Grammar Girl
  • The Modern Editor Podcast


  • The Square
  • Wakanda Forever
  • Love and Monsters
  • Divergent
  • Insurgent

TV Series

  • Cobra Kai
  • Teenage Bounty Hunters
  • Community