I started this month doing my annual review. While doing this, I also assisted Lea in performing her own annual review as part of setting up her minimum viable life management system. After finishing my annual review, I finished the trial run of updating the Bookbright OVIC overviews and accomplished the Proofreading Pal application process.

While I engaged in very little philosophizing this month, I did caught several good insights including an insight about why commitments should be celebrated and why altruism is important. Most of the writing I did this month was journaling and poetry. I had a very deep experience looking at the moon at Aglibut Ave during one of my walks that I wrote a poem draft about it. Using insights I learned from Billy Collins’ poetry masterclass, I also edited some of my poems, which I later sent to TLDTD.

Meanwhile, Benjie and I continued LBLP, and I shared my favorite photos of 2022, which received positive feedback. The best walk I did this month was my walk with Lea to Dampalit Falls. Someone from IG also reached out to me expressing their gratitude for the work I did in my website, which has been helpful for them in building their own life management system.

This month was filled with time spent reconnecting with my relationships. During this month, Lea and I helped Champy go through solving her dental problems. I also got into a three-hour call with Megs and Cams and joined Tuloy-Daloy in creating an urn for Rem made of mud. Lea and I also met Rio and Mac at San Pablo. Later this month, I went home to Pangasinan to attend Tito Lito’s funeral and reconnect with Jay Vee and our friends. After this, I bonded with my cousins in Binmaley.

In between all of these activities, I spent time getting more clarity on what source of income to look for. I read Pivot to clarify my runway and strengths. Then I tried applying at editing and academic writing platforms, trying out things and feeling if they are a fit. To add income, I also sold some unused books.



  • I translated on children gibran into Filipino.
  • I wrote a Facebook comment response about parenting.
  • In my journal, I wrote about the transgenerational trauma that we all share and recognized the progress I have made in two years to embrace who I really am and make space for that.
  • I journaled about the insight that insight is precious because it comes in unexpected moments and it comes only after repeatedly returning to the same problem or looking at writings that expand several months or even years.
  • I wrote kalabian ed aglibut
  • I started watching billy collins’ poetry masterclass and writing my notes in billy collins masterclass.
  • I edited the poem today i buried a kitten using advice I learned from Billy Collins.
  • Editing poems and studying poetry helped me forget negative emotions.
  • I developed a poem: wasak


  • Benjie initiated that we return to LBLP.
  • I shared my favorite shots of 2022 and my friends provided very positive and motivating feedback.


  • While walking, Lea and I came to the conclusion that it is the eliminatist tendencies that we should strive to let go. This is what creates problems both in mental and physical health.
  • I walked after getting an awesome haircut and it felt good.
  • Lea and I walked to Dampalit Falls. I wrote a walk to dampalit falls.


  • I helped Lea setup her minimum viable life management system.


  • Lea and I ate at Cadiz Pizza and ordered Cheesy Mushroom Pepperoni.
  • I tried the pares overload streetfood in front Star but thought it was overrated.

Life Areas


  • I wrote 2022 gratitude list.
  • Reviewing some Uman issues I wrote to complete my gratitude list revealed to me patterns in my thinking throughout the year. It showed me, for example, the kind of writing I want to explore.
  • By doing the annual review, I realized its importance for insight generation.
  • I answered the 2022 past and coming year questions.
  • I reviewed my life areas and standards and updated them.
  • I also finished filling up my life goals masterlist.
  • I wrote the 2022 annual review.
  • I created a House and pet care system.
  • I validated My top values: wisdom, freedom, spirituality, inner harmony, health



  • I arranged and did a call with Megs and Cams for about three hours. We decided that we needed to do this call at least once a month.
  • I helped improve Champy’s dental health by bringing her to the vet, administering her meds, and arranging prophylaxis for her.
  • I joined Tuloy-Daloy in creating the urn for Rem at Maui and Yano’s place at Batangas. Along the way, I bonded with Uwa, Abbey, and Kuya Iktoy. I also reconnected with my memories of my last date with Rem.
  • I visited Embi and Bevs and learned that Embi has already read Walden and has dreamt of living in the mountains.
  • Lea and I traveled to San Pablo. Our jeep ride was awesome. We saw Sampaloc Lake together. And we met Rio and Mac and had good food at Casa San Pablo.
  • I gave Shorty, Champy, and Poppy baths. Lea bathe Cari. Then I gave all of them Advocate.
  • I went to Tito Lito’s wake and joined the funeral walk. I reconnected with Jay Vee, his family, and our common friends. I particularly enjoyed my conversations with Julius.
  • I attended the event at Binmaley. I bonded with my cousins, met my sister’s fiance, etc.
  • I bonded with Cams at Bali-Bali while listening to an 80s band. We also walked at baywalk under the stars and went to the perya.
  • Ate at Yugenee with my cousins. I saw Rainier after the pandemic.
  • I had lunch with my cousins at Karen’s place.
  • Bobet, Cams, Migs, and I had coffee at Bo’s Coffee while watching the sunset. I also got to tast Theo Philo chocolates: calamansi, sili labuyo, and mangga. Calamansi was my favorite.
  • Migs and I played Underlords.


  • I finished the trial run of the OVIC overview updates.
  • I finished writing the shownotes for SEP 247, 248, 249, and 250.
  • I applied at Proofreading Pal.
  • I started watching a Skillshare course on proofreading by one Nitay.
  • Lea paid me 20k for the laptop, which funds a big portion of my expenses for February.
  • I continued improving My livelihood system by creating a hierarchy of income streams to pursue chronologically.
  • I took the MyPlan :: Assessment :: Values Assessment. Through it, I learned that the nearest skill that I have that matched my values is really poetry and creative writing.
  • I sold some books and earned Php 980.
  • I started fixing the Acer laptop.
  • I reviewed Pivot. After reading Chapter 4 (Funding My Runway), I understood how much of my money could really fund my transition and identified when I should up my game of looking for a source of income.
  • I was able to ask Rom for advice.
  • I was able to tell Bevs about my situation and ask for ideas and leads.
  • I listedned to some helpful Fizzle Show episodes on MVI.
  • I started writing My Pivot Plan.
  • I applied at Super Summary.
  • I realized that I needed to make money fast because my lack of a reliable source of income is already affecting my psyche. I reasoned that I should use writing as a temporary skill to generate income fast.
  • I let go of the opportunity to do trainin with Proofreading Pal.
  • I applied at Writers Bay.
  • I applied at Academia Research.


  • In my journal, I drew a sketch of Ka-Icktoy.
  • A certain Shawn Spann reached out to me and praised my digital garden. He told me he is taking notes of my LMS to build his own. His message provide validation to my work and shows that I could be an archetype for others.
  • I received confirmation that Craig Mod is extending my scholarship to another year.

Media Consumption


  • May Nagsabi Sa Akin by Rofel Brion (unfinished)



  • On Margins ep. 1 (Jan Chipchase)


  • Stutz
  • Apollo 10 1/2
  • The Meyerowitz Stories
  • Ang Babae at ang Baril
  • Then Came You
  • Waiting for Sunset
  • Bridesmaids
  • Triangle of Sadness

TV Series

  • Russian Doll
  • Katla
  • Cobra Kai
  • Maid
  • Community